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SMARTY Commentator
SMARTY Commentator

Used to be on the giffgaff network and used to love the forum and the idea of helping other within the smarty community.

Having recently ended my contract with EE and moved to smarty signal and customer service has been great.

Hopefully I'll be staying for a while.


SMARTY Superhero
SMARTY Superhero

I also used to be on GG, but the forum there developed into a lot of abusive whinging and many posts from people who could not be bothered to search for even the most minimal information to help themselves.

To date, Smarty has had better customer service as far as I am concerned. I'm trying this forum with care to see how it develops.

SMARTY Teamster
SMARTY Teamster

I’m on O2 too and love the rewards system too. Been on it for almost a decade. Glad to be here at the start 

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SMARTY Community Manager SMARTY Community Manager
SMARTY Community Manager

Welcome all, glad to have you on board. It's a new endeavour for us and I hope we can make it simple, efficicient and fun experience for all the smartians 😀