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Activating new phone


I am an existing smarty customer, I have bought a new nokia 105 dual sim phone, I have put my existing smarty sim card into slot one and a new smarty sim into the second slot but I have not got any of my contacts or previous texts and my phone number is not working.  My previous phone is broken so I cannot text for a pac code if I need one although if I am an existing customer and staying with smarty do I need a pac code. Please advise how I activate my new phone and recover my contacts and messages etc.

Thank you for your help



@EdwinaN_2548253 I don't think the the contacts are stored on your sim generally these days; if it was an option, then did you allow it in the Settings?. If you did not back up your phone using some form of cloud based storage or else sync it with another device, I think you may have lost the contacts list.

I'm not sure why your existing Smarty sim does not work. Is the phone new and therefore not locked to any network? does your account dashboard show that you have an active sim and an active Smarty plan?

Is it worth swapping the sims around and ensuring that the existing sim is the priority one for use?

Thank you, my account dashboard says I have a plan which will reset in 27 days.  If I do need a pac code how do I get one without being able to text?  I have the existing sim in slot one and the phone set to dual sim.

SMARTY Teamster
SMARTY Teamster

Good advice from @MSF 

At a guess, your previous phone was an iPhone or Android ? Those store contacts on iCloud or Google contacts. It’s been a long time since contacts are stored on SIM cards.

Is the Nokia 105 unlocked for use on any network ? You shouldn’t need to activate the phone, just popping your SIM card in the 105 should be all you need to do, which makes me think that the phone is locked to another network. I guess it’s not a 2G phone, which would be incompatible with Smarty ?

Hello,   thank you, the phone is 4G but I don't know if it is unlocked for any network, how would I find that out?  It is sim only.  My previous phone is a Samsung smart phone which was dropped in an accident and the screen is broken so I cannot read anything on it.

Where did you buy the phone and how old is it ? 

Since December 2021, UK Mobile networks have not been able to sell locked phones by law.

The way to tell whether a phone is network locked is usually this :

If the phone is in a manufacturers box (IPhone, Samsung, Nokia) it’s usually unlocked. 

if the phone is in a mobile network box (Three, EE, Vodafone, etc) it’s usually network locked to that specific network. 

The waters can be muddied with second hand phones etc.