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SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

If smarty uses the same towers as 3 network why if I have both my smarty sim and a 3 network sim I'm my s23ultra can I get consistent 5g on my 3 sim but whenever I change to smarty for mobile data the 5g becomes intermittent I can get it on and off in my flat but mostly using 4g and yes I do have my smarty in sim slot 1 (infact I've tried both slots) my 3 sim gets consistent 5g wherever I move it I thought at first it may be just a signal issues but I've just seen you use the same as 3 so why if they both using the same tower does one get great 5g and the other not have I kissed a setting or update etc please help,

Thanks in advance, d grainger.


SMARTY Trendsetter
SMARTY Trendsetter

Have you tried using the Field Test Mode on your S23 Ultra, @DamienG_2195313

Using this mode should hopefully allow you to check the signal reception as perceived by the handset itself. 

Just Google "S23 Field Test Mode" or "S23 secret codes". 


@DamienG_2195313  Now,I'm no expert but it wouldn't surprise me to find that Three offer 5G to their own customers first, and allow Smarty customers access if the mast is not busy.

We know that happens with EU network, so can't see why it would not apply here. I'm assuming that you pay more for your Three sim than for your Smarty sim, so perhaps that's the reason.

The point is that the Smarty service suits very many customers who perhaps are not 'power users' but if you need something more then you may need to dig deep.

SMARTY Motivator
SMARTY Motivator


What plan do you have ? If you are getting intermittent 5G, I wonder if you are using a lot of data during these periods, and your data is being throttled, due to what Smarty may feel is over use ?


However, major carriers in the UK have a clause that says they can throttle / deprioritize you but they don’t usually enforce this.


Also most MVNOs are on the same priority as postpaid. The only exception is apparently GiffGaff.


Deprioritized data is given lower priority during network congestion. It does not cause an immediate decrease in speed but may experience slower speeds during peak times. Deprioritization aims to ensure fair access to network resources for all users.


What is Data Deprioritization?


Simply put, data deprioritization is the temporary slowing of your phone’s data speeds, but only during times when the network is “congested” or experiencing high traffic—carriers do this in order to free up network space for other customers. Typically, you don’t have to worry about your data speeds possibly being deprioritized until you’ve reached your data deprioritization threshold that month. And even then, it’s only a possibility—there is no guarantee that you’ll experience slower speeds. It all depends on how crowded the network is at any given time.