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SMARTY Community Manager SMARTY Community Manager
SMARTY Community Manager

All the info you need on switching, activating, SIM deliveries...

Activating my SIM  Begin your billing month and start using your shiny new plan. 
Activating a spare/bonus SIM or a SIM bought in a shop or other online supplier   Have a SMARTY SIM and want to activate it? Here is how to do it. 
Transferring my number   Keep your old number and bring it to SMARTY. 
Start using a new number   When you switch to SMARTY you'll receive a new number. 
SIM delivery  Know how SMARTY SIMs are delivered to understand when your SIM will arrive. 
When should I start using my SIM?  Know when's best to insert your new SMARTY SIM into your devise for a smooth set up. 
Using the right kind of SIM card  Learn how to get started with one of our SIMs. 
Cancel my old phone number and account with my previous provider  See how we can terminate your old number and account services with your previous network provider fo... 
Parental restrictions  Find out about how to access adult content and SMARTY's policy on parental control. 
Unlocking my phone  Need to unlock your device? Here's how to do it. 
I can't access my previous SIM  Switch to SMARTY without your old SIM from your previous provider. 
Using the internet after you’ve joined SMARTY  If you can’t use your available data, here’s how to update your APN settings. 
Setting up voicemail  Discover how to set up voicemail on your SMARTY SIM. 
Your plan agreement with us  Read about your plan agreement with us. 


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