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SMARTY Community Manager SMARTY Community Manager
SMARTY Community Manager

Discover what's included in each SMARTY plan.


How can I change my plan?  If you want to upgrade to a bigger plan or downgrade to a smaller plan, here are just a few things t... 
How does the data discount work?  Learn how unused data is turned into money off your next bill. 
What is the difference between our data discount and other plans?  Discover our simple range of plans. 
Checking how much data you've got left  Find out how easy it is to see your data usage at any point. 
Need extra data on top of your plan allowance?  How to stay online when you've run out of data for the month. 
What happens when you run out of data?  Here are your options when you've used up your allowance. 
SMARTY's data notifications  Here's when we'll be in touch regarding your data usage. 
Tethering and mobile hotspots  Understand whether you can tether with your SMARTY plan. 
Premium, freephone and service numbers  Here's the lowdown on which numbers you can call and text. 
Voicemail and SMARTY  Find out whether voicemail is included within your plan. 
Changing your Call ID settings  Changing your Call ID settings. 
Setting up Call Forwarding  Setting up Call Forwarding. 
Are all calls free with SMARTY plans?  Learn exactly what's included with our range of plans. 
Are all texts free with SMARTY plans?  Learn exactly what's included with our range of plans. 
Will an MMS message be chargeable?  Find out exactly what's included our range of SMARTY plans. 
Unlimited calls and texts: what’s included and what’s not  Here's the lowdown on what’s included in your unlimited calls & texts. 
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