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SMARTY Community Manager SMARTY Community Manager
SMARTY Community Manager

Here's the lowdown on all the important stuff.


How to reset a forgotten password  What to do when you have forgotten your password. 
How do I change my password?  What to do to update/reset the password on your account. 
Changing your email address  Learn how to edit this information. 
Changing your postal address  Learn how to update your address if you move. 
Validating changes to your account  Learn how to verify any edits and why this is needed. 
Your login details  All about logging into your SMARTY account. 
Your SMARTY account details  Find out how to see or edit your account information. 
Delivery reports and SMARTY  How SMS delivery reports work with your SMARTY SIM. 
Closing the account of someone who has died  Here are your options for taking care of a deceased loved one's account. 
Thinking of leaving?  Get some help before you decide. 
How do I leave SMARTY?  Here’s how to close your SMARTY account and go to another network. 
How do I delete my account?  Here’s how to delete your SMARTY account whether you have or haven’t completed a payment on it yet. 
Setting your plan up to automatically renew  Learn why it's better to set your account up to auto renew. 
What happens if your account isn't set up to auto-renew?  What happens if your account isn't set up to auto-renew? 
What happens if I don't renew my plan?  What happens if I don't renew my plan? 
How billing works with SMARTY  There are a few payment options to choose from. 
 Billing cycles  Find out when your monthly billing cycle starts and ends. 
Topping up your account balance in store via PayPoint  Learn how to top up your account in a retail store that supports PayPoint transactions. 
About your account balance and money off  What money off is, and how it helps you save cash. 
How do I pause my plan?  Here's how to stop your plan temporarily. 
Dealing with failed payments   If your payment fails, the SMARTY team can help. 
VAT receipts and invoices  VAT receipts and invoices
The SMARTY Active Card Check   Find out what a card check is and why it needs to be done. 
Business plans with SMARTY  A word on business plans and having multiple SMARTY accounts.
14 Day Money Back Guarantee  Process your own cancellation. 
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