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Voicemail not working


I just received a call from somebody who has been trying to contact me since yesterday and said that they have left voicemail messages. I live in an area with poor coverage and rely on Wi-Fi calling so it is possible that my phone did not ring but there were no missed calls and when I open voicemail on my phone, it says, 'Visual Voicemail is currently unavailable. Call voicemail''. When I do this, I am told that there are no messages.

I tried to contact customer services but all I got was a bot which wanted personal details that I am not willing to give out freely and when I said 'voicemail not working', simply got options about turning it off and on and changing PIN.

This is a dealbreaker - if voicemail does not work, I will have no alternative but to move to another provider.


SMARTY Pro-coach
SMARTY Pro-coach

This is the Smarty community forum, we are a community of Smarty customers, we don’t work for Smarty, nor of course do we have access to anyone’s account details. 

To be honest, if I was in your position, I would look at an alternative network - Smarty could be 1p a month, but if there if no coverage where you live, work and socialise, why use it ? 

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