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TP Link mobile in EU

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Will my TP Link mobile wifi work abroad usung my Smarty SIM?


SMARTY Motivator
SMARTY Motivator

Yes, BUT you need to change the APN to “”

These instructions work for any device not just phones.

Consult your manual or Google how to change the APN 


EDIT : Don’t worry about the MMSC etc, just make sure the APN is set to “”


@William_2664681 It is the Smarty plan that matters really. In the EU, you will have access to roaming with up to 12Gb of data in your current smarty plan.

If not in the EU, then you need to check the Price Guide and add sufficient credit to pay for your likely data needs.

As @JJP2RidesAgain  says, you need to set the device APN correctly to make it capable of roaming.

i have a data only Smarty SIM .

Comments here about setting up a device to use in the EU seem only seem relevant to phones and tablets, not TP Link mobile wifi which I have

@William_2664681  I don't see that will make any difference - you simply have no access to calls or texts.

Device still needs correct APN in order to work with the sim while roaming.

All you need to do is change the APN to “”

There is no need to change other settings such as the “MMSC” (Multi Media Service Centre” as you won’t be sending MMS aka picture messages through the TP link device.

Dont overthink this, just change the APN in your tp link device to “” and you should be fine.