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Smarty unlimited SIM not good enough for me

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Well have to say very disappointed in the Smarty unlimited data SIM. 

As I live on a narrow boat I have to rely on internet data from my Asda SIM card in the phone and use a hotspot I also have a kuma router when I am in rural areas as the router has an external antenna to pull in the signal from various towers. 

I looked at the smarty unlimited data SIM at £18 which looked like a good deal and it would also save me having to swap out my Asda SIM to the router every time I get a only one or no bars on the phone.

Have to say that I am not impressed with the smarty SIM cards performanc. It has been setup right with regards to APN settings and does not perform well with hideously low speeds compared to Asda SIM. Therefore will not be renewing payments and certainly will not be recommending this SIM to other boaters.


SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

What kind of speeds are you getting? I've just set up a TP link modem with a Smarty unlimited data plan. It seems to be getting about 26Mbps. 
It's running at about half the speed of my phone line broadband, which is itself not brilliant. (I've bought the router for my parents so I can set them up with Alexa, I'm hoping it gets better speeds at their house)

Hi. About 1.23mb and slower at this location. Yesterday at a different location it was about 0.35mb.

Looking through the post in the forum it's quite clear that this is a common issue with smarty customers plus poor signal coverage.

@LiamKen_2828673  Certainly not the case everywhere.