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S24 Ultra signal quality

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Hi all, just started using the s24 ultra with my smarty sim. The signal quality is the worst I have ever experienced. It seems wherever I go the max strength I get is 1 bar on the indicator. Am I the only one or is this a common problem. Please help! 



@NickCha_1506927 Did you do a Coverage check and a Network Status check?

Hi, yes I did and it states that the signal quality is good for 4g but there is absolutely no signal. At my home address it also says signal strength is good but I can only make/take calls via WiFi calling. 

@NickCha_1506927 From what you write, I'm wondering did you get a better signal with another previous phone? 

Can you try the sim in another phone?

Can you also check the signal when outside because it may be that your property is shielding the signal.

We do have problems indoors and have lived with WiFi calling for years but it's outside, away from a WiFi signal that's the problem.

Do you think a new sim may help? 

@NickCha_1506927 I would certainly try the sim in another working phone before ordering a replacement sim.

Hi, already tried that! It was pretty pretty poor in that as well. Smarty uses the 3 network which I thought was meant to be good. I accept using WiFi calling when indoors but when outside, it really is a necessity to have a signal. I don't expect 5g,i just want to be able to reliably make and take calls. If I need to order a replacement sim, how do i do that? 

@NickCha_1506927 You order one via your account dashboard.

Your account will be suspended until you have activated the replacement according to the instructions you receive. (This is for your security).

But I still need to use my phone at home! 

@NickCha_1506927 I'm not sure what else I can tell you really.

If you want a replacement sim, this is very often because customers  have lost the sim or had the phone stolen. In the interests of security, the account is then locked to protect the customer so that any chancer who stole a phone will not be able to use it with the customer's sim.

The replacement is posted out and so the account should not be locked for too long. If the wait is too much and you really need a phone, you could always activate a new sim as a 'nickname' under your own group plan. If you buy the smallest, cheapest plan that would cost £6 less the 10% group plan discount. I can't think of anything else useful I'm afraid!