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Number of seconds before forwarding to voicemail followup

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

The current default number of seconds before forwarding to voice mail is 30 seconds.  I managed to change this to 20 seconds with **61*+447782333123**20# and confirmed that it had (eventually) changed with *#61#.  The problem is that it gets reset to 30 seconds every so often.

Is there a way of making the change permanent - 30 seconds is too long!


This is a follow-up to my post in Off-topic (see above).  It seems that I can set it to 20 seconds and confirm that it's been set with *#61# (status) which reports it's been changed but sets it back to 30 seconds when I do another status check?

Could someone please explain this behaviour?


SMARTY Moderator SMARTY Moderator
SMARTY Moderator

Here are all of the codes we would advise regarding call forwarding 

Thanks for the link.  I tried: -


as per the link you sent me but this gives me "Invalid MMI code".  I think there is an asterisk missing.  The correct string is: -


which gives me "Registration was successful".

However, as per my previous post, this gets set back to 30 seconds by Smarty/Vodafone.

Sorry - should read Smarty/Three.