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No signal since the 14th Feb

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I changed my data plan last month to unlimited as I need connection all the time like so many, experienced a day with zero connection  last week whilst trying to book travel to  visit sick mother.   Ended up looking at other SIM providers but the signal came back eventually. Moving forward to the 13th Feb when I started my journey to France, arrived on the 14th at nante airport had a welcome message after the signal showed a X through it  it was on for around 5 minutes so by the time i left the airport  And couldn't access bus tram and train services not location and translation services was literally stranded in a strange city . I was completely  lost.  Had to try to navigate services asking others  and trying to tell them my service had completely crashed is now Sunday 18th and still no signal. Have spoken to support team already changed settings etc etc. I'm really shocked that I've had to go through this. When every other service providers. SIM operates smoothly. A dangerous position to be in when you're cut off from accessing services when travelling abroad.   I hope that I'm not charged for the inconvenience. I am returning to UK on the 28th and will have to purchase an e SIM to ensure I can get back safely to UK and get access to timetables to get back to nante airport . What a disaster!