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No service with sim

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I changed from giffgaff to Smarty and want to keep my mobile number. I sent the code and been told 23/4/24 it will be complete. However I ve put my smarty sim in my phone after activating my sim and keep getting no service! The sim works in my sons phone but I need to get on the internet 



@MartinW_2646425 If the sim is working in your son's phone, then it must be active.

Is it possible that your phone was locked to O2 network (I believe that Giffgaff runs on that). If so, then you will need to get the phone unlocked before the sim will work.

Other possibility.....did you definitely put the sim in the correct way and did you look at your account dashboard to check that the sim had been activated? Maybe it became active while you were transferring it to your son's phone? Have you tried again?

I’ve checked with O2 and my phone is 100 % unlocked to all networks? Maybe it will work tomorrow after my number transfers 

@MartinW_2646425 Once the sim is activated, it should work anyway - even though it does not have your own number ported in yet.

Still does not sound right. I don't see why it will be any better when your number is ported in - effectively same sim with a different mobile number.

You do not say if your account shows the active sim and an active Smarty plan.

Sim is activated and plan showing in my dashboard. Usage used whilst in my sons phone showing so absolutely confused 

Just out of interest, what phone do you have ?

I just wonder whether your phone is only 2G, not 4G or 5G compatible, which you would need to use for Smarty Mobile. 

If your phone is compatible with Smarty, then I am stumped.

@MartinW_2646425 Then surely it must be down to an issue with the phone.