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National lottery app as stopped connecting

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

The national lottery app as worked fine untill about 2 days ago. I followed the usual advice i.e. reloading the app, rebooting phone but without result. Any suggestions why it is no longer possible using Smarty sim to connect to the national lottery web page  i.e. have Smarty change access rules to gambling sites using their sim? Will call them tomorrow but thought I'd ask here to see if this was a known issue.


SMARTY Teamster
SMARTY Teamster

 I have no problem with the national Lottery app or webpage WHEN IN THE UK.

Would you currently be roaming outside the UK by any chance, as the National Lottery themselves block access to their app and website if you are outside the UK and Isle of Man, as you need to be physically in the UK and Isle of Man to buy tickets. 

Also, if you are using a VPN or DNS resolver app such as “ControlD” the National Lottery will again block access, as they won’t be able to guarantee that you are trying to buy tickets whilst being physically present in the UK or Isle of Man.