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Cannot make or receive calls

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Smarty, I don't think so.

All lies from the chat/messaging service, coverage and network checker is not updated so does not tell you there is no signal or a fault when there is and staff will NOT report the fault they just give lots is excuses. No idea when I can call my elderly ill relative.


Ordered a sim from elsewhere, cannot wait to be rid of this dishonest company



@AndrewG_1096957  Seems like things have not gone well for you - sorry to hear that.

Unfortunately, you have let off steam (understandably) on this members forum and so it is hard to see what help we can offer you.


It seems nobody can and after 3 days it's too late, I have changed networks.

In future report faults and don't tell people to check the service checker when you don't update it and report a fault.

I can prove this with your correspondence.

Honest mobile hahahahahah 

You didn’t read the post above, did you ?

This is the Smarty Community Forum, we are customers, we do not work for Smarty, so you’re complaining to the wrong people ! 

You’re moaning that you can’t call a sick relative ? If it was that important to you, you would visit them surely ? 

You ordered a SIM ? How long will you let that take to arrive ? Yet you could have popped out to a corner shop or supermarket, paid £1 for your choeen SIM and been up and running within 10 minutes ! 

Hopefully, you have checked the coverage from your new chosen network, and if it doesn’t work out, as least contact network employees to raise your concerns, not fire off at customers of a network on a community forum, and have a plausible story, as your claims contain more holes than Swiss cheese to be frank ! See, as I don’t work for Smarty, I can call out your bovine excretia, whereas had I been an employee of Smarty, I wouldn’t have that luxury !

Off you pop, enjoy your new network and maybe actually pay a visit to your sick relative, maybe with some grapes in tow !

@AndrewG_1096957  You mention 'you' and 'your' in your post.

None of us here own Smarty - The clue is in the title - this is the Community Forum and we are members (like you were when you posted, but presumably won't be soon).

It is an unfortunate fact that some people will not be able to get a decent signal, no matter what the Coverage or Network Status checkers say - they are general guides and not specific to your exact location.