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Active in Spain

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Can you please advise me how to ensure I have on line access when out of the UK ?


SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Hi there IainSut_1966873!

I am not sure what plan you are on, but with the normal SIM Only plans (which is the on I have) they include 12 GB of EU roaming data which is taken out of your existing data allowance.

For clarity, say you went to Spain for a week and ended up using 10GB of data, it would come out of your XX amount of data already on your plan at no extra charge! 

I am unfortunately not sure what happens after you use up the 12 GB of allowance whilst roaming, I assume SMARTY automatically bills you for a ‘1 Day EU data pass’ which will give you unlimited data for the day at the price of £3. 

I hope this helps, and if you’re planning a holiday, have fun! 



@IainSut_1966873  The main thing is to ensure that you have made the changes to settings. Please be sure to read the articles associated with this page:

@halfSpencer123 is correct in saying that you can use up to 12Gb of data out of your allowance while roaming in the EU. If you exceed this, data will stop but you can purchase a data roaming pass (see Price Guide for details). (N.B. I am not aware that Smarty does this automatically - it is your choice)