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SMARTY Motivator
SMARTY Motivator
Status: New

Just a few thoughts to hopefully avoid disappointment from new customers :


1, Make it clear that Smarty runs on 3, advising people that if they haven’t already, they need to check the coverage of 3 where they live, work and socialise. People are attracted by Smarty’s “lemonade prices” but expect  a “champagne service” when some people have poor or non existent coverage on 3.


2, Make it clear that Smarty is a mobile phone service, and should not be used as a long term replacement for home or business broadband, as pointed out in section 5 of the Smarty terms and conditions.


3, Make it crystal clear that to use Smarty abroad, the APN in people’s devices must be changed to “”

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Hi I am new to SMARTY today, and all your suggestions were already crystal clear to me, alongside potting my number, all went seamlessly.


Hi @JJP2RidesAgain 👋
ALSO, that SMARTY does NOT support short codes!😠 (Although THIS needs to pointed out BEFORE a SIM is purchased)
It is not stated anywhere on the website that this is the case and why most of the customer posts here on the Community page ask about it. Due to the fact that this way of communication has become the 'new norm' for many business etc, new customers should be made aware of this fact from the get go as I'm sure that many who join assume that, like many (all?) of the larger providers, SMARTY do as well.