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Very poor signal means I can’t use data


Getting only one bar at best,not as promised,should I leave or wait for better signal.


SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Leave ASAP, it won't get better. It's awful. Better signal will never come, they will lie trying to keep you subscribed.

SMARTY Motivator
SMARTY Motivator

Did you (and others replying in this thread) check the coverage of Three, Smarty’s parent company / network before buying your Smarty SIM card, or did you just  “buy blind”, not checking the three coverage where you live, work and socialise ? 

It’s pointless just buying a SIM card from any network without first checking its coverage in the places you need that coverage the most. 

The good thing of course is that with Smarty, you are not tied into a long term contract, so can quickly switch to another network that offers you better coverage. 

Your first and second paragraphs made me think your name here should be called Smarty Arse not Smarty Commentator. But i do thank you for your input. 

Charming ! 

You would do well to remember that this forum is populated by Smarty customers just like you, none of us work for Smarty, we don’t get paid for tying to help ! 

I always thought it obvious that before obtaining a SIM card from any network, you check the coverage where you live and work, etc, but some people clearly don’t seem to understand that simple basic task !