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Very delayed delivery of new SIM, re-ordered, then original one is delivered - what do you do?

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

The ORIGINAL sim card ordered has just arrived by post. I made a reorder request on Sat as the delivery was over five days from posting. Please advise of what action I should take

1. Activate it? or

2. Wait for replacement sim?



@Enquire987 Check with Smarty Support via web chat


Thank you for your tip.

Before reaching out to this community I had already:

- Used the online bot.

- Spent over 2 hours with Web chat support to no avail. Agent basically said, cancel sale and for me to go to a store for new sale and fulfillment.

- Raised a complaint - SLA 28 days to come back to me.

- Sent a email to the support team.

Someone did email me late in the day saying register the sim and see what happens.

The support is under resourced, it would benefit greatly if it did the basic learn - document - publish. I can't be the only person that this has happend to.

It appears the process is a blackbox. The solution appears to be, if it doesn't drop out the other end, start again and see what happens.


@Enquire987  The second sim was presumably not a replacement sim (because the original had not yet been activated).

For that reason, I would go along with the idea of using the original one. Worst case scenario - they are quite capable of sorting out your account and also sending a specific replacement when those are necessary.

I do understand what a pain this all must be. Is a lot of this down to Royal Mail poor service?