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Samsung S6

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Anyone got a Samsung S6 that works on Smarty?

Since 3 decided to turn off the 3g my phone is almost useless. I can get a signal when outside in the Mansfield area and when travelling down the M1 motorway to Nottingham. Inside at home I get no signal and my SIM shows disconnected.

What am I connecting to if Smarty say my phone is no longer compatible with their service? I clearly can connect but only outside?


SMARTY Motivator
SMARTY Motivator

There have been several threads on this recently, about Smarty switching off 3G in the Midlands, one of which you yourself contributed to. 

The S6 isn’t even supported with updates by Samsung anymore - It launched with Android 5, and we are now on Android 14, with Android 15 due for release in July. 

Even if your phone could happily still operate without issue on Smarty, with Samsung now longer offering updates for the S6 and app support / updates from apps like banking software, WhatsApp and others, you need to look at a new phone, probably something like an S21 or similar. 

Times move on, I would not expect my iPhone 5S, which only updates to iOS 12.5 to work on Smarty nor have the required app support.