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Extremely hit and miss data reception in central London W2

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Have been with smarty for years, but once in a while a get zero to no data reception. I live in the very centre of London (Lancaster Gate W2) Any reason why I'm having trouble, or is it problems with local antenna. At the moment I'm in the park, as I have no reception at home, which is normally a fantastic service. Any info much appreciated...



@JasonLon_369263  You may get some info from the network status checker, but often the standard excuse is 'congestion'.

When you posted your message, I note it was in the lead up to Eurovision. I wonder if that event greatly increased network traffic everywhere?

You may well be correct, I suspect it's down to bandwidth. My reasoning is that in the late evening/early morning although sometimes slow, I can get online. But I have noted that weather conditions seem to trigger it, four days ago, perfect as normal, then some thunderstorms and boom. I'm always at 5bars, now just about 3bars, although saying all of this, I am typing this inside my apartment! Very frustrating considering I live in the very centre of London...

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Horrible reception in central London (West End, Covent Garden)  i was having lunch yesterday in the area of Piccadilly Circus and i could not connect to the internet at all. Why is the network so bad in central London?

@Supersonic-2005  s forum members like you, we do not get exact information on such matters.

I am guessing that it may have been down to congestion - nice day + loads of people out + lot of phone use.

Sure, i am not asking you specifically about this issue. I am just reporting it here...

I don't think congestion should be the issue, i know tourists using other UK networks here and they have a much better reception

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I can confirm this is a problem for me and two friends at different times and different areas myself in soho where  the problem is persistent over several months and yesterday in covent garden both on smarty and both with the sam problem - this isn't just a one off it is a consistent problem

@SamuelD_2515193 Unfortunately, reporting things here is unlikely to lead to any action. This is a community forum but we don't run the network.

You would be better off having a web chat with Support Team so that they can pass it to the relevant people.