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2G cannot be disabled?

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I wanted to disable 2G calling, because it's insecure and I don't want my device to roam onto 2G while I'm abroad.

However the "Allow 2G" option (Android, Pixel 6) is switched on and disabled from being changed, per carrier settings. I was wondering why Smarty have prevented me from changing this, setting as they don't even have a 2G network (as I understand it).


SMARTY Moderator SMARTY Moderator
SMARTY Moderator

Hey  GeorgeL_2609639

SMARTY does not support 2G so it is not likely that this would be due to a SMARTY feature, are you receiving an error message that says it it is because of the carrier settings? 

This option was available when I was using an O2 SIM. Underneath the toggle in the settings it says "SMARTY requires 2G to be available".

Really ? That’s odd, as Smarty’s parent company is Three, the first network in the UK to roll out a 3G network, and has never been compatible with 2G networks. 

Yes, this is the crux of my question, it seems there is a bug in the carrier settings. It won't affect anyone except the security-conscious, and even then only those that travel abroad.

But it would be good if it were fixed, if our understanding here is right.

You have missed the point - Smarty’s parent company, Three, has never used a 2G network, so, even if there is a bug in carrier settings, which I would be surprised at, it doesn’t matter at all, as the Three network has never utilised a 2G network - It even got its name, Three, from the fact that it was the first 3G network in the UK.

If you have an old candy bar phone from the likes of Nokia, Alcatel or Mobiwire, stick your Smarty SIM card in it - You won’t get any network connectivity at all, as they are 2G phones, which Smarty SIM cards won’t connect to, as you need a phone with a minimum of 3G to connect to the Three network.

Read the article to which I have added the link.

In short, you are concerned / worrying about something which is impossible in the Three / Smarty network. 

As long as there are 2G networks abroad then this setting being disabled is a problem. I guess I should not be surprised that there are network fans on these forums but your attitude is entirely unhelpful, seeing as you didn't even read my initial post properly about the context of my concerns.

I didn't come here to be patronised and I think you should reassess whether your attitude is actually making this place a welcoming environment.

Oh wow !  Your comments are utterly laughable !

I have helped many people on this forum, having used Smarty in the past !

if you have such a hang up about using a mobile phone because of 2G networks, which again, Smarty have never used, then maybe you should not be using a mobile phone at all ?!

Have you ever thought that, because Smarty have never utilised a 2G network, that’s why you cannot block access to a 2G network that has never existed, and, in the unlikely event that you go abroad and use a rare network that is still using 2G, then you will be able to block it ?! No, I doubt you have ! 

You can probably block O2, as mentioned in your initial post, as they still use a 2G network ! 

Maybe you need to use a couple of tins cans and string or a fisher price kids phone, as you certainly cannot seem to understand that Three, Smarty’s parent company have never had a 2G network, so cannot block what doesn’t exist, despite your obvious paranoia ! 

2G is also in the process of being switched off worldwide. See the link above.