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Moto G62 how does this work with Smarty?

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Hi This is my first post here so I appologise if it is in the wrong place but please help.

I currently have a Samsung S7 I know its old like me 🙂

However, I do need it to use Wifi calling and will my existing simcard in the S7 slip in nicely and get me up and running? I dont want to buy this phone only to discover it is a dog of a thing and cannot work well with Smarty!

I am also open to sim free phones that are good. That have Wifi Calling preferably Android 11/12+ as I today could not use an app (ring connect for the dashcam) because it is just too old software on the S7. So need something newer. Thanks for listening again any advice is welcome!