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All JamesWa_2265565's Badges

JamesWa_2265565 has earned 4 badges!
  • Likes Level 1
    Likes Level 1
    Earned by 1,952
    Congratulations! You’ve given your 1st Kudo and unlocked 'Likes' Level 1 badge on your profile.
  • Helped Out Level 1
    Helped Out Level 1
    Earned by 7,158
    Congratulations! You’ve now made your 1st Reply and unlocked 'Helped Out' Level 1 badge on your profile.
  • Thumbs Up Level 2
    Thumbs Up Level 2
    Earned by 189
    Well done, you’ve unlocked 'Thumbs Up' Level 2 badge on your profile. You're well on your way to Level 3!
  • Thread Starter Level 1
    Thread Starter Level 1
    Earned by 5,022
    Congratulations! You’ve now started your 1st Topic and unlocked 'Thread Starter' Level 1 badge on your profile.