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[Open Discussion] Welcome to the Metaverse: Augmented Reality apps

SMARTY Community Manager SMARTY Community Manager
SMARTY Community Manager


From Sci-Fi movies to an essential part of our daily lives, Augmented Reality has come a long way to play a major role in how we communicate, shop, travel, learn and entertain.

As an avid videogames fan, I have discovered AR years ago and while the potential was obvious to see it was pretty rudimentary at the time.

Not anymore! Smartphones and high-speed mobile networks have turned the game on its head.

Augmented Reality market is booming right now, from popular AR effects and filters for Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat to very useful apps such as Google Map Live View, IKEA Place or Houzz.

My personal favourite is Star Walk, what a great way to discover and learn a thing or two about the night sky.

There is so much that can be achieved with AR: Medical, Engineering, Fashion. I’m quite sure It will change the way we experience and interact with our environment.

What do you think about augmented reality? Do you use any AR apps? Let us know in the comments.


SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I love the idea of AR but, unfortunately, have a neurodiverse sensitivity that triggers dizziness and migraines with technology so far. Hopefully one day though.