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Line problem with call centres

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I already made a post about this but it seems to have been deleted or something (I can see I've made 1 post but cannot get to it).

Does anyone have a line issue with call centres? Whenever I call a company number my line breaks up for them (I can hear them fine and if I manage to get them to call me back the line is perfect). It's like when I start talking (for example giving a reference number) the first second or two doesn't go through.

I've brought this up with Smarty support a couple of times and they say it isn't an issue at their end but I've had this problem with three different phones (all Samsung) and I've switched to a new SIM card multiple times hoping it would fix the problem.

As much as I love the package I have with Smarty I think I'll need to go to another provider due to this issue, my partner is also on Smarty and she never has any of these issues.


SMARTY Moderator SMARTY Moderator
SMARTY Moderator

I would check that your device is 4G-VoLTE compatible, here is a help article to help you do this 

SMARTY Pro-coach
SMARTY Pro-coach

No, never an issue for me. 

You have this problem, but your girlfriend doesn’t ? 

Do you know whether the call centres you are calling are based overseas ? Even if you are calling a UK number, your call may be being routed overseas, which could be causing your issue. Does your girlfriend ring the same companies’ call centres ? 

Also, as @Rebekah_150 says, your phone(s) may not be 4G VOLTE compatible ? Are they old Samsung’s or relatively new ?

If you have tried multiple SIM cards, but continue to experience the same issue, it’s unlikely to be a SIM card issue, it’s more likely the phones you are using not being 4G VOLTE compatible and / or the fact that you are ringing overseas call centres with a low bandwidth connection, hence the calls continually dropping. 

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Thanks for the replies, I've got an S23 (5G) and previously an A52s 5G, in fact I'm pretty sure these issues started happening after switching to 5G handsets so maybe that's got something to do with it.

I've got WiFi calling enabled, my home internet is WiFi 6 and high bandwidth. The phone has a setting for VoLTE Calls Homes (Use LTE data networks for calls whenever possible). I'll try turning this option off see if it makes a difference.

My partner's phone is an old iPhone so doesn't have any 5G etc.